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Grooming Services

Professional Grooming

Grooming your pet not only keeps your pet and your home clean, it keeps your pet healthy!  During your pet's grooming, Dr. Kramer will be able to examine just about every inch, enabling early detection of many potential health problems such as skin disease or parasites.

We're set up to do everything to keep your pet's skin and coat clean, trimmed and beautiful from nose to toes.  Our grooming studio in Hillsboro is new, clean and quiet.  We allow just 2 dogs at a time to keep noise, mess and stress down to a minimum.  Each grooming is customized for your pet's breed, age, activity, health, and coat condition. 

We will work with you to create the look that will bring out the best of your pet's appearance and individual personality, and take into consideration the amount of upkeep needed to maintain the style.  All breeds and mixes are welcome!
  Call us for an appointment today at 503-747-0871.

Full Beauty Treatment 
This service is a deep and thorough grooming.  Your pet will be completely brushed out, clipped, bathed, dried and trimmed in the style best suited for him or her.   We'll use gentle and safe shampoos and conditioners.  Nail trimming and ear cleaning will be expertly done.  Your pet will look, smell and feel terrific!

A la Carte Services
Individually priced services include:

  • Special shampoos or conditioners
  • Bath and dry (short fur breeds)
  • De-shedding
  • Brush out only
  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Expression of glands
  • Flea & tick treatments

Bath and Touch-up

Regularly groomed pets may not always need a full trim.  A Bath and Touch-up will keep your pet neat, clean and tangle free between regular Full Beauty Treatments, and usually costs about 30% less.  This service includes a thorough brushing, bath and blow dry, and a bit of a trim to tidy up loose ends.

Grooming Products 
Let us help you select and properly use the right products for your pet's coat. 

Service Fees

The base price for our Full Beauty Treatment grooming service starts at $35.  Each pet's grooming fee will be based on factors such as your pet's size and temperament, the condition of his or her coat, and the complexity of the style, because these factors affect the time it takes to perform the service. 
Call us for a quote for any service at 503-747-0871.

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